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These families love seeing their children make exciting discoveries.

Lana’s Story

“At Acton, every day he’s excited! This kid who was deemed a poor reader chose to focus solely on reading for weeks! Here at Acton, Griffin gets to choose. There’s ownership in choosing and meeting their goals. Acton is a good fit for the families that are critical thinkers.”

Danny’s Story

“One of the joys I get is knowing that Griffin is at a school that will allow him to discover what he’s good at, what he loves and it will get him the personal responsibility and strength to have a successful life no matter what comes his way. At the end of the day, it is providing an environment that will facilitate my son to become the God given leader that he is. To any parent that is looking for more, to any parent that honor’s their child, to any parent that trusts their child, to any parent that wants to give their child the education they never had, to any parent that wants their child’s natural gifts to come out right now. I would highly recommend Acton Buckhead. ”

You’re going to be amazed by your child’s achievements.

Show your child what it’s like to truly love learning.