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An Atlanta Micro School Where Your Child Will Love to Learn

Acton Buckhead’s micro school environment prepares kids for real life.

Our unique approach to education focuses on three types of learning:

1. Learning to Learn

Socratic discussion and game-based learning promote critical thinking and motivate students to act on their passions.

2. Learning to Do

Hands-on projects and “quests” encourage students to acquire new skills and apply them to real-world problems.

3. Learning to Be

Students discover their greatest gifts, connect their talents to their unique place in the world, and develop the character of a hero.

Our learner-driven environment helps your child…

Develop greater self-confidence

Embrace new challenges

Discover their passions and gifts

Build healthy relationships with others

Learn to think independently

Do you want your child to get the education you wish you had?

These parents’ children are thriving at Acton Buckhead

“One of my favorite parts of the Acton Buckhead program is the concept of “Learning to Learn.” We have seen first hand how powerful our child feels when they own their ability to learn and are not dependent on another person to “teach” them. They have the self confidence and tools to learn anything.”

What’s the micro school experience like?

At Acton Buckhead, your child becomes part of a learner-driven community. Here, learners decide for themselves how to learn, and we think of education as a Hero’s Journey.
Like the true heroes they are, learners at Acton pursue quests. On these quests, learners are constantly working to solve problems. The discoveries they make along the way help them develop a lifelong love of learning.

Here are some ways Acton Buckhead’s learner-driven model celebrates your child’s growth, progress, and character:

No teachers, only guides:

In a learner-driven environment, kids teach themselves. Adult facilitators are not teachers. Rather, they are guides who greet questions with new questions – a socratic approach that encourages critical engagement.

Contract of Promises:

Learners create and agree to contracts with one another. Each contract describes how every learner will behave in his or her learning community and sets out consequences for violating community norms.

Mentor teams:

Together with other learners, your child learns to listen to others, affirm every individual’s value and contributions, set goals for the community, and hold one another accountable for progress.

Game-based learning:

Learners earn badges that display their progress in the core skills of reading, writing, spelling, math, and character development. Project portfolios and exhibitions allow them to present their work for public appraisal.

How is Acton Buckhead different from a traditional K-12 school?

We are a non-traditional micro school in Atlanta. If you’re accustomed to the traditional K-12 model, here are some key differences you will notice at Acton Buckhead.

Students learn in mixed-age learning studios. There are no grade levels.

We assess learning via badges, portfolios, and exhibitions, not tests.

Kids are constantly engaged in problem-solving quests that motivate them to learn.

There are no teachers. Adult guides facilitate instruction but never issue commands.

Students learn at their own pace, whether that’s faster or slower than their peers.

Gamified learning and apprenticeships offer learners real-world challenges.

Your family is going to love our Atlanta micro school

Show your child what it’s like to truly love learning.