An Atlanta Non-Traditional School Where Children Become Lifelong Learners

With Acton Buckhead’s non-traditional
education model, your child takes the lead.

Our school is non-traditional, learner-driven environment where children become proficient in three types of learning:

1. Learning to Learn

Through the Socratic method and gamified learning, children become critical thinkers who are motivated to act on their passions.

2. Learning to Do

Students build a strong foundation of core academic skills through hands-on projects that address real-world problems.

3. Learning to Be

A combination of experiences shows kids how to lead, take advantage of their natural gifts, and develop the character of a hero.

Our learner-driven environment helps your child…

Grow into a confident, motivated person

Welcome new challenges, not run from them

Discover their talents and passions

Develop healthy relationships with others in their community

View every setback as a learning experience

Become a lifelong learner and independent thinker

These parents’ children are thriving at Acton Buckhead

“One of my favorite parts of the Acton Buckhead program is the concept of “Learning to Learn.” We have seen first hand how powerful our child feels when they own their ability to learn and are not dependent on another person to “teach” them. They have the self confidence and tools to learn anything.”

What makes Acton Buckhead different from a traditional K-12 school?

We’re a learner-driven community. That means students – not teachers or administrators – make the big decisions about how they learn.
When families join the Acton community, their children embark upon a self-paced learning journey. On this journey, children develop core academic skills while solving real-world problems and discovering their greatest gifts.
We call this experience the Hero’s Journey. It’s defined by ongoing quests that help your child become a lifelong learner who embraces challenges, learns from setbacks, and celebrates success with a motivating community of peers.

At Acton, we have:

Guides, not teachers:

Instead of answering questions, adult facilitators greet every question with a new question. This Socratic approach encourages learners to make their own discoveries.

Games, not grades:

Instead of letter grades or standardized tests, every learner works toward badges in core academic skills. A gamified learning approach culminates in public portfolios and exhibitions where students display what they’ve learned.

Mutual agreements:

Every student in our learning community signs a Contract of Promises that defines community standards, how each member will behave, and lays out consequences for violating those standards.

Mentor teams:

With their peers, each student learns to set goals, hold themselves and others accountable, and affirm every community member’s contributions toward established objectives.

Our unique learning environment motivates your child to love learning.

Mixed-age learning studios encourage students to mentor and be mentored.

Badges, portfolios, and exhibitions replace high-stakes testing.

Problem-solving quests teach core skills through doing, not rote exercises.

Guides, not teachers, use the Socratic method to encourage self-discovery.

Students have the freedom to learn at their pace, not the school or the state’s pace.

Gamified projects and apprenticeships replace traditional top-down learning.

Your family is going to love our non-traditional Atlanta school

Show your child what it’s like to truly love learning.