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Watch your child embrace new challenges, discover their talents, and love learning

Acton Buckhead prepares children for real life with self-paced education in a student-led environment.

Inspire your child to:

Be confident

Think independently

Value teamwork

Do remarkable things

Are you skeptical of traditional K-12 schools?

Does your child feel bored and uninspired at school?
Do you want your child to explore their natural curiosities?
Are you concerned that your child doesn’t love learning?
Has your current school failed to motivate your child?
Is your child always behind or ahead of the other children?
Do you want your child to get the education you wish you had?
Do you want your child to become a confident, empowered person?
Are you looking for a self-paced learning environment?

These parents’ children are thriving at Acton Buckhead

“One of my favorite parts of the Acton Buckhead program is the concept of “Learning to Learn.” We have seen first hand how powerful our child feels when they own their ability to learn and are not dependent on another person to “teach” them. They have the self confidence and tools to learn anything.”

We believe children should be free to lead themselves, learn at their own pace, and take ownership of their education.

Traditional K-12 Schools vs. Acton Buckhead

Traditional K-12 SchoolsActon Buckhead
Students learn at a predetermined pace
Students learn at their own pace
Teachers and principals make all the decisions about education
Children make decisions about their own education
A rigid, command-based system makes kids anxious, unmotivated, and bored
A student-led system gives kids confidence, teamwork skills, and leadership opportunities
Schools follow an outdated model from the industrial age
Classrooms prepare children to thrive in today’s world and in the unknown future
Kids learn to hate learning, run from challenges, fear failure, and be compliant
Kids love learning, embrace challenges, learn from failure, and solve their own problems
Teachers build lessons around standardized tests
Children structure learning around their natural strengths, talents, and motivations
There’s no incentive for kids to care what happens to each other
Kids build relationships, resolve conflicts, and become emotionally healthy people

Here’s how to enroll your child at Acton Buckhead

Book your audition

We’ll meet each other and discuss your aspirations for your child.

Complete an interview

During a more in-depth conversation, we’ll determine whether Acton is a good fit.

Watch your child thrive

Help your child love learning with education that prepares them for the real world.

When I was a kid, I drifted
right through school.

Sound familiar?

My name is Andrew Shahan. As a student in Georgia’s public schools, nobody ever encouraged me to take ownership of my education. I mostly learned to follow orders so I could cruise through the system.

If you’re thinking, “School was the exact same way for me,” it’s a common sentiment.

Everything changed when I got to college. For the first time, I alone was responsible for my education. Nothing in my life had prepared me for that, and I struggled mightily in the beginning.

Andrew Shahan

Founder and Executive Director

The way I see it, it’s unacceptable that traditional schools leave our children unmotivated and unprepared.

At Acton Buckhead, our educational model prepares children for real life. It’s all possible thanks to an environment that encourages them to become curious, independent, lifelong learners.

You’re going to be amazed by your child’s achievements

Help your child discover the greatness inside them

Instill a lifelong love of learning and exploration

Avoid top-down education based on standardized tests

Watch your child become a motivated, curious person

Let your child learn at their pace, not the state’s pace

Help your child become confident and independent