Become an Acton Academy
Elementary Guide

Are you ready to change the world of education?

Do you believe that each child is a genius?

Do you believe that each person has a gift that can change the world in a profound way?

Do you believe that if given the opportunity, children can be the primary drivers of their learning?

Do you have the ability to create and nurture a classroom culture where learning is self-directed, enthusiastic, and joyous?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, we’d love to explore how you could join our team of innovators working to launch Acton Buckhead and help change the world of education!

Position Description

  • Facilitate a truly customized education for each learner in the Studio.
  • Affirm students, holding them accountable to their promises and to their commitment to deliver “the best work they can do” as they discover and pursue a calling on a Hero’s Journey.
  • Create meaningful exhibitions, ceremonies and celebrations that reinforce the rules of engagement, personal and group covenants to provide and strengthen a safe learning community.
  • Act as a role model as an independent learner on a Hero’s Journey.
  • Launch and lead Socratic discussions.
  • Create and launch Quests (projects), including developing daily challenges and curating world-class examples.
  • Supply Studio environment and set up Studio as inspiration for learning.
  • Incorporate materials and lessons into ‘core skills’ work time. Observe and track each child’s progress via a cutting edge online dashboard.
  • Encourage young heroes to track their progress and create portfolios to show parents, peers, and apprenticeship employers what they can do.
  • Uphold promises to students, parents, and fellow Guides made in covenants. Pass along each of these responsibilities to students as quickly as possible, so as to allow students to lead themselves.
  • Communicate with parents


  • Strong relationship building with children ages 6-10
  • A deep curiosity about life and love of lifelong learning.
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Ability to build and maintain a strong culture of self-directed learning.
  • Customer service and user-centered orientation with the ability to give and receive feedback, meet needs, and get a positive response.
  • Proven excellence in written and oral communication skills.
  • Evident passion for being on a Hero’s Journey.
  • Agile facilitating project-based / experiential / real-world learning.
  • Proficient quantitative reasoning skills to look at learner growth data to inform next steps.
  • Training in Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf, or Unschooling models is helpful but not required.

Start the Journey!

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Do you have experience as a traditional educator? (not required)
Do you have experience as a Montessori teacher, homeschooler, unschooler or in another unconventional school, either as a child, a parent or a teacher? (not required)
Have you launched a business or not for profit organization or led a major project?
Is failure more harmful or beneficial to a child?
What is more important, having a well trained teacher and an organized curriculum or offering hard questions and difficult challenges to students?
How many hours per week would you expect to work?
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